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Both caps are made of the same super breathable fabric. However, the main difference is in the visor and closure system of the cap.

The Running caps have an adjustable closure, which allows you to adjust the size of the cap. While the cycling cap is closed at the back and has an elastic band around the entire contour of the cap to fit all head sizes.

The Running visor is larger than the cycling visor and has an inner base of semi-rigid plastic that allows the visor to be shaped.

We offer you the possibility of sending you a sample of one of our custom caps so you can try it, wash it and make sure it is what you are looking for. The cost of the cap, including shipping to any EU country, is 15 € (10€ if we are sending it in Spain)

Our caps are one size fits all.

Our custom caps are sublimated so we can make the cap in the color/s you want.

As we sublimate our custom caps we can put any image or logo you request (at no additional cost).

Como sublimamos nuestras gorras, el interior de la gorra es siempre en color blanco. (ver foto)

Como sublimamos nuestras gorras, el interior de la gorra es siempre en color blanco. (ver foto)

We use a flat plastic closure that allows the cap to be worn backwards without problems (see photo).

Our average production time for caps is 3 to 4 weeks. However, if you need them sooner, let us know and we will try to speed up production to have them ready when you need them.

Currently our production minimum is 3 caps per design.

Where do you manufacture the caps?

El precio de las gorras de running dependen del número de gorras que quieras hacer. Cuantas más gorras hagas, más económicas te saldrán. A continuación, te detallamos el precio por gorra en base a las cantidades: (21% de  IVA NO INCLUIDO)

  • De 3 a 5 gorras 19,45 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 6 a 9 gorras 17,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 10 a 14 gorras 15,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 15 a 24 gorras 14,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 25 a 49 gorras 13,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 50 a 99 gorras 12,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • De 100 a 199 gorras 11,95 € / gorra + IVA
  • Otras cantidades consultar

Each order has a shipping cost of 15€ to any EU Country (6€ within Spain)

For orders under 500€ the payment is 100% in advance. For orders over 500€ the payment is 50% at the time of order confirmation and the remaining 50% upon completion of production and before shipment.