Lombardy and genuine cycling

Castelli, “Salita”, Pinarello, Bianchi, Fausto, Madona del Ghisallo, Superga, Gino, Sormano, Constance, Santuario di Luca, Gios, Como, the lake and its valleis, Gianni, Vincenzo… Italy is cycling, cycling with capital letters, eternal cycling that makes us fall in love. Now that we have the means, we wanted to pay homage to the Italian cycling, and we have done it by designing and handmaking a special garment.
There are many Italians at the starting line of the Vuelta a España, they are anxious, worried about their physical shape. They are focused 110%. If you ask them whether they are going to take part in the world championship they answer: Yes, I am going to the world championship and to Lombardy. This is their monument, in October, an ode to the imperishable cycling.
It is the never-ending road, the never-closing circle. Lombardy over the years, cycling along villages and Romanic churches, lakes and woods revealing their copper-coloured beauty, the centennial cycling that drank from the belle époque, Gino and Fausto, but came later. Because if cycling is eternal somewhere, this place is Italy.
As any other respected race, Lombardy was born for the press. It was the headline of the time, the most expected headline that doubled the number of copies. The Gazzetta dello Sport talked about the cycling race from the beginning. It was Autumn, 1905, Northern Italy, the Italy connected with the North of Europe, which was nervous about the changes to come.
Big glossy headlines on a pink background: An Autumn Criterium. It would be in November and they made the announcement one month before. They wanted to see how the cyclists rode just before the winter. 53 tried the “delights” of the road, starting from the South of Milan, in front of a trattoria called Boschetto in Rogoredo, at six in the morning on a 12 November. A Romolo Buni gave the signal for the start of the race with the tricoloured flag in his hand. Buni was part of the Italian prehistory, a star that had measured himself against Buffalo Bill’s horse.
Lombardy race grew and lived its golden aged, which started with Alfredo Blinda, the cyclist who was paid to not ride in the Giro and give a chance to his rivals, who followed the lead of Constance Girardengo and saw a Tufscan bloom, who read Dante and understood Miguel Angel. And then Gino Bartali, who preceded Fausto Coppi, the legend who gained many generations favour and hearts.
Coppi won for his fifth time in Lombardy in 1954. He could have won again, but Darrigade prevented him. Afterwards, there was no Italian star who didn’t write his name in Limbardia: Bitossi, the crazy heart cyclist, Gimondi, Moser, Saronni, Baroncheli, Bartoli, Cunego, Bettini and Nibali, showing that here is the soul of the Italian cycling that survives the time as the guarantor of the genuine tradition.

Texto preparado por Iban Vega de www.joanseguidor.com



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