Casual Red Merino Shirt

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Casual Red Merino Shirt: Our collection grows with our shirt made of merino wool. A garment thought to be stylish without renouncing the cycling look.


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Casual Red Merino Shirt

Our collection grows with our merino wool shirt. A garment thought to be stylish without renouncing the cycling look.

The big challenge was blending style and sobriety with the necessary comfort to wear it while cycling in the city. Therefore, we decided not to use a typical shirt fabric and find more appropriate alternatives.

Our traditional cotton and elastane fabric was not enough for this shirt, that be wanted to be a premium garment, so we started researching about the possibility of mixing our fabric with merino wool.

Wool is the natural fibre par excellence, as it offers a top breathability and a very special look. However, manufacturers usually mix it with polyester due to its high cost, its low stability and a rough touch. In this case, Transparent wanted to avoid polyester because it is just a “plastic” that overrides the virtues of the wool. After several tries with our thread, weaving and dye suppliers, we have developed a unique fabric that combines wool, cotton and elastane.

We invite you to get to know it, try it and we will refund you if you are not satisfied



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Dimensions 30 x 25 x 7 cm

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