Those are the most frequently asked questions from our clients. However, we are at your disposal for any additional clarification.


Why are we only looking for six new shops?
Transparent wants to preserve its artisanal tradition, pampering each garment that leaves our workshop. This is why we want to grow little by little, looking for new partners who, big or small, share our philosophy.
When will the new collection be ready?
At Transparent we are already working on our new Spring 2018 collection and we hope to have it available by mid February 2018.
Are there minimum order requirements?
In order to guarantee a representative assortment of our collection, we would like our new partners to have a minimum of garments from our collection. This is why the minimum initial order will be of 30 items.
What about order repetitions?
Of course, once the initial order has been made the items that are working better in the shop can be ordered again. We have just established a minimum order of 5 items for each repetition.
What is the purchase price for our partners
You can contact us and we will give you the information
Could I see the collection before buying it?
Of course! In fact, before coming to an agreement with you we would like to meet you and show you the collection. You will be able to check the sizing and gather all the details you may need.
When will the final selection of partners be made?
As soon as possible to have time enough to meet each other, to explain you the collection and share with you our philosophy and working methods.
What’s new in the last collection?
We are working in new products, materials, patterns. The collection will be even more rider style. And we are starting a new women-only line.