Most of us have a similar feeling when friday arrives. We take off our daily costume which we have wear along the week and we put on our real outfit. Our cycling kit!

This idea has been behind our project since we started almost a year ago. Our goal was to create a clothing range which allows the cyclist to wear like a cyclist along the week. No matters if you are at the office or having a drink with friends you can differentiate yourself as a a cyclist.

Our collection is plenty of small cycling details which make our garments very special.  Slightly longer sleeves, a back pocket  or an exclusive reflective detail are just some of these small things which will  make you feel like a cyclist no matter you are with or without your bike.

Besides this  exclusive design we have work hard as well on the patterns of the garment and the fabric qualities in order to produce a highly functional garment which fits perfectly to the cyclist when is riding his bike in the city or when he is at the office.

All our garments are produced in nearby Barcelona where we can have a close control over our productions and ensure our quality standards.

I hope you like our collections and  you can share with us our passion for cycling.