Those are the most frequently asked questions from our clients before starting a custom-made project. However if you require further clarification we will be glad to assist you. Please contact by phone at +34 918 997 022 or email us to

FAQ custom-made projects

What is the minimum quantity of products I can order?
We can manufacture a minimum of 15 units per model, but the more items you order, the more cost-effective it will be. Those 15 units can be made in different sizes, man/woman pattern, and you can even choose between long and short sleeves
Do you have women’s sizes?
Yes, all our designs are available in women and men’s sizes.
How can I know the sizes I need?
Do not worry, once the order is confirmed, we will send you a size set so you will be able to find out the sizes you need. This size set must be returned to us.
What is the quality of the fabric used for the custom-made garments?
We are using same quality fabrics in both our collection and for custom-made projects. Normally we are working with a 95% cotton and 5% lycra. However if you are interested in another quality fabrics let us know and we will check if it is possible.
Can you dye the fabrics in any color=
From 50 items per model on we can dye the fabric using the exact color of your choice. For less than 50 items we must stick to our colour chart (the colours you can see in the collection found in the web).
Can I put my logo in the garment?
Of course! We can embroider, stamp or sublimate your logo. We will recommend you the best option depending on the size, colour and position.
How much an embroidery or print cost?

We charge a fixed amount of 80€ per print or embroidery per order (You will pay this 80€ only once per order). If you put twice the same embroidery or print in one garment you will pay it only once.

May I see a sample before confirming the order?
We strongly recommend you buy any of the products from our collection before confirming the order. We use same quality fabrics, patterns, colours, etc, in both our collection and for custom-made projects.

¿May I see a sample after the order has been confirmed
For all order of more than 50 items, we will send you an exact sample of your product before starting producing the order.
¿How long does it take to finish the production?
We use only handcrafted processes, products are made by ourselves, so it is not a quick production. Our delivery times range from 6 to 8 weeks since order confirmation
How does the payment system work?
For custom-made orders we always require 50% advance payment and the remaining 50% is settled at the delivery date.
¿Where do you manufacture the garments
Our manufacturing process follow traditional craft methods. The patterns are developed by our pattern designer, Gloria. Then we cut the garments in our workshop, in San Lorenzo del Escorial, and they are manufactured in hree workshops located in the South of Madrid
May I order repetitions?
Of course! Any model which had already been manufactured can be manufactured again. Besides, if you order 20 or more items, we maintain the initially agreed price. In case you wanted less than 20 items, we will charge our rate fare for that requested quantity.

What happens if I receive the order and I am not happy with the product?
We are a serious company and the satisfaction of our clients ir our priority. Let us know about any incident and we will do our best to solve it.
I think you work for our competitors
You can rest assured. Our projects are totally confidential, and we will not share any information about your project without your consent.
¿Can you give me a price idea of the cost of a project?
OF course, just let us know what are you looking for and we will will provide you a price idea of the project.